Mayur Shopping Centre

Mayur Shopping Centre

The Mayur Shopping Complex in Coonoor is a well-rounded shopping mall that provides a large variety of high-end products from the Nilgiris region. At our Mayur Shopping Center, you can find pristine products from the Nilgiris, including Eucalyptus Oil, Almond Oil, Citronella Oil, Clove Oil, and Ooty Varkey, Plums, Berries, and other prepared products. Our one-stop-shop may fulfill all your needs in Niligiris.

Nilgiri Products under one roof

You will never become disappointed when you return from the Nilgiris thinking that you have not bought anything from the lap of the Nilgiris. The Nilgiris has a lot to offer you, all of which you can find at the Mayur Shopping Center– an exclusive shopping Center for Nilgiris products. 

When you visit Mayur Shopping Center in Nilgiris, you can discover and purchase original Nilgiris eucalyptus oil, almond oil, citronella oil, clove oil, gaultheria oil, tea, coffee, spices, forest honey, homemade chocolates, winter clothes, Ooty varkies, plums, berries, and other readymade products.

Buy products that are unique to Ooty.