Real Estate

Ganapathy Real Estate, perched in Coonoor, is thriving, versatile Real Estate Company that deals with residential and commercial properties. These include Tea Estates, Land, Plots, Bungalows, Houses, Cottages, Gated Communities, Hotels, and more. With the service of our professional real estate agents, we ensure that our customers receive the most pleasant spots within the Nilgiris, such as Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri, and Gudalur.


Ganapathy Real Estate

We are here to create amazing spaces around the picturesque Nilgiris, Tamilnadu. We are the fastest growing name in the real estate business in Nilgiris – helping customers with buying, renting, and selling properties.

At Ganapathy Real Estate, we ensure you get hold of the right property in Nilgiris, be the residential property or commercial property. We are primarily involved in dealing with a range of properties in Nilgiris which includes Tea Estates, Land or plots, Bungalows, Houses or Cottages, Gated Community, Hotels, and others.

In conjunction with the best interests of customers, we promise them a fitting place in the most affordable way.


Cottages and Villas