TEA Factory for Sale

Total area: 1.85 acres
Building: 28000 sq.ft concrete building
Manufacturing capacity : 25000kg green leaf /day.
Made tea 12lacs -15lacs kgs/year
CTC factory
42″ Vikram CTC , 18″ rotorvane
21″ dual green leaf shredder,
Three fermenting drums
Tea master drier : 600kg
Parucco 18cm heater
Dual purpose heater works on coal and Firewood
Online packing and cleaning system (automatic)
Own T&I lathe including Central lathe
40 tonne weigh bridge
380kva diesel generator
11 trough
Total 55000kg green leaf holding capacity
Firewood splitting machine
DP Pulveriser of 450 kg output / hour and originary pulveriser
HT power connection with 210kva MD
500kvs generator

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